AFDA Experimental Film, TV and Music Festival Films & Program announced

Every year AFDA hosts its Experimental Film Festival – a festival which essentially gives students an opportunity to discover and to experience the response of a paying audience. 

This year sees the return of the music students performing to live audiences as well as the television students broadcasting on campus (JHB) and on Cape Community TV. 

We’re proud to announce the 2013 EXPERIMENTAL FILM, TV & MUSIC FESTIVAL PROGRAM for JohannesburgCape Town and Durban

Don’t forget to see which Films our students have prepared for 2013! Trailers, BTS & Posters will be available beginning 27 May.

The AFDA Online Festival website allows people to interact with the films they see at the Cinema Festivals. The website allows the films to travel overseas at the click of a button. It allows students to forward a link to future employers and our international students to send their films home.

At AFDA we realize that the world is evolving, and that we need to stay on the move to keep up. From this ever changing need that people have to be entertained, we created the AFDA Online Film festival Website. We hope you enjoy interacting with the website, be sure to leave a comment, rate a trailer, or share a film you like with a friend.